YNOT Dropping Gems

This short clip from YNOT’s interview discusses how his consciousness has evolved, what experience has helped provoke his universal understanding of Hiphop, as well as what he feels is important as a BBoy. What he says resonates and can be applied to any of the elements. Much love & respect to YNOT and Rock Steady Crew.

Why do you practice your art? How has your understanding and growth as an artist changed over the years? How has your perspective changed? Why do you continue to practice and study as a DJ? What do you remember about yourself when you were learning how to DJ? Where do you see yourself twenty years down the line?

There is something to be said about a Hip Hop practitioners’ evolution and progress, practicing his/her art form. We change and grow as our styles and techniques do. At one point, we may start off as building our identity and then later down the line, see how this same art form, that helped us with learn self-determination, can be the very same medium to help another person find that same power. Power comes from exploring and learning about yourself and the history we came from. Power comes from learning as an amateur, to building your skills and becoming a professional. Power comes from building with like-minded people who have this same type of consciousness. At some point, we might be at a place where we know just as Dead Prez had said, that “it’s bigger than Hip Hop.”

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